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With over 5000 sq. ft. of space our warehouse, lab and offices form a biomimetic research hub. We work with local businesses, developing circular and novel construction materials from waste and industrial by-products.


BIOHM HQ is a research centre like no other. Situated in the heart of Bermondsey’s industrial centre, we work with Industrial partners to repurpose waste materials and industrial by-products into useful materials. Whether it is through myco-remediation processes or using our unique Orb binder, we are now working with a wide range of organisations across London, including a number of councils, research institutes, educational institutes and businesses.


Circular Construction:

We designed our new facility using a modular construction system, which allows for deconstruction and reconstruction, making this system a sustainable option in the long term, reducing waste in the future. In addition to using the modular construction techniques, we have worked with Solo Wood Recycling, a not-for-profit local social enterprise that specialises in working with wood that would otherwise be going to landfill. With this reclaimed and up-cycled wood we created furniture, worktops, and cabinets for our London HQ.


We have begun fulfilling research projects from our London home, whilst also working with local industrial partners to develop new materials. To find out more about our facility and for guidance on circular construction methods, get in touch via our services page. 



Biohm HQ, Unit 5A, Juno Way



Tables and furniture coming together in the new Bermondsey facility, processing reclaimed wood, to produce furniture for the space


Time Lapse Video: The installation of the mezzanine modular construction techniques