Triagomy | revolutionary construction system
Triagomy | revolutionary construction system

Triagomy | revolutionary construction system
Triagomy | revolutionary construction system


At Biohm we place biomimicry at the heart of our inspiration to inspire transformation in the construction industry with radical approach to building.

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For a sustainable transition towards a circular future, all construction systems should be designed for deconstruction.

Triagomy does not require permanent binders or fasteners to create robust high-quality buildings. This allows buildings to be deconstructed and reconstructed at any stage of their life – eliminating demolition and making extensions, downsizing, relocation, recycling and reuse a much easier process. By producing the components for our system off-site Biohm can reduce both time and cost, in addition to achieving superior quality by carrying out most of the building process in a controlled environment. Triagomy works brilliantly as both an interior and exterior construction system. 

Triagomy's Benefits:


Life-cycle assessments comparing Triagomy with traditional construction methods have shown

40% to 90% reductions in the environmental impact, using conventional materials such as eco-concrete. Further assessments show that by incorporating our bio-based materials, Triagomy is able to achieve reductions of up to 120% in the environmental impact.

By implementing the principles of Design for Deconstruction, Triagomy's components can be re-used, drastically extending the lifespan of the component materials. At the end of the building’s life, the system can be deconstructed (eliminating demolition) to maximise the remanufacture and re-use of all components and materials, or to facilitate relocation.

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