We can help you develop a regenerative and circular material for a wide range of applications! 




Once we have evaluated your concept, we carry out theoretical research to guide initial R&D experiments on an innovative new material.

Data from this research and proof of concept samples allow us to establish a coherent development plan for your material moving forward into the germination phase of your product development. 



The germination service offers initial material prototyping, with scientific analysis of the matter and rigorous testing against specifications.


Together with an environmental impact analysis of your material, this information will help steer decisions regarding the production a viable material to help your company begin decarbonisation.

We develop regenerative, bio-based materials to address your needs, be it in replacing synthetic elements in your existing products or creating new ones to help you decarbonise.


We develop, prototype, rigorously test and assess materials using our top of the rage in-house R&D facilities as well conduct holistic environmental, social and economic impact assessments.


Our material development services aim to deliver a viable material ready for scaling and commercialisation. 

We offer a free of charge project evaluation against our technologies to help decide which package is right for you.



Further material development and in-house performance tests against the required specifications will allow us to produce a viable bio-based material.


An ESE impact assessment and a scaling assessment on the material will also be conducted. After successful propagation, a regenerative material will be ready for scaling up and commercialisation!

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