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Mycoremediation (or fungal degradation) can decarbonise your operations by detoxifying problematic 'waste' streams such as plastic whilst also creating valuable by-products from the process for industrial applications. 

As the only company providing this unique service, we use a library of fungal strains to degrade, detoxify and decarbonise synthetic, man-made 'waste' streams, such as plastic. 

By using mycoremediation as an end-of-life solution we transform a harmful end-of-life process into one that is regenerative.


On a bioreactor scale, mycoremediation can lead to the production of valuable by-products with applications for a variety of industries. 

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This service involves the collection and testing of one of your problematic ‘waste’ streams. We expose the sample to our plastic-consuming mycelium strains and carry out ‘match-making’ experiments to analyse which strains consume your ‘waste’ best.


These results will inform the feasibility of mycoremediation as an end-of-life solution for your 'waste' stream and the potential for optimisation.




If the degradation is feasible, we can begin to further understand the chemical and physical properties of the 'waste' stream to optimise the pre-treatment process as well as the growth environment, so that the ‘waste’ becomes more readily available for mycoremediation.


Results from these experiments will reveal potential resultant products as well as provide an indication of degradation timelines.




The selected fungal strain will be evolved and engineered using a variety of scientific methods. Essentially, this process is about ‘training’ the fungi to degrade your specific 'waste' stream at a faster rate.

The result from these experiments will be a bespokely evolved mycelium strain, capable of efficiently degrading your ‘waste’ stream as well as projections on scalability.



We will run trials of mycoremedation within a bioreactor and experiment with the system to optimise the process.


The quality of the by-products will be assessed and the larger-scale abilities of the fungi to consume your synthetic ‘waste’ products will be analysed. This will inform the evolution of the bioreactor system to a larger scale. 

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