Biohm has an ever-growing team of world-leading experts in the fields of bio-technology, biology, design, engineering, chemistry, governance and law, business development and the circular economy.

Ehab has over 6 years of experience as a sustainable designer, engineer, circular economy strategist and built environment innovator with a passion for creating a biomimetic (nature- inspired) circular future. Through extensive research on the global construction industry, he founded Biohm to champion a transformation towards the integration of biological processes in manufacturing.

Ehab Sayed
Founder | Director of Innovation

Oksana has over 9 years of experience in entrepreneurship, design and sales. She is also a passionate sustainable material development as she has previously developed her own materials and received global recognition for her achievements. Oksana’s passion for the circular economy is infectious and she is on a path to becoming a prominant innovator in the field.

Oksana Bondar
Director of Design

Harry has over 6 years of experience in managing multi-billion pound projects for the UK government’s Ministry of Justice. He holds an LLM in International Law and an MSc in International Security & Global Governance from Birkbeck University of London. His expertise in international law and sustainable development is crucial when it comes to expanding beyond the boundaries of the UK and Europe. 

Harry Darkly

Director of Operations

Chartered Waste Manager, Fellow of the CIWM, Fellow of the RSA, Associate Member of the ICE and Chartered Environmentalist, David has over 20 years of leadership experience in public and private sector roles. One of the UK’s most prominent figures in the circular economy, he is leading the conversation in London with the Circular Economy Club and other relevant organisations

John has over 16 years of experience in resilience and consultancy, previously Director at KPMG and EY and Regional Head of Implementation at 100 Resilient Cities, where he led programme implementation across 21 cities in Europe and the Middle East. John is in charge of developing and driving the implementation of Biohm’s global corporate strategy.

Dr. David Greenfield
Director of Circular Economy

John White

Director of Strategy


A CIMA-qualified Finance Director specialising in SMEs. Adept at ensuring the financial health of an enterprise by tightly managing working capital, improving profitability and working closely with stakeholders to realise the directors' strategic goals. Key Strengths in budgeting, data analysis, business processes and developing people.

Sriram Nadathur is Director and CEO of the Nadathur Group and manages a business and investment portfolio of over US$1 billion. Over the last decade, he has helped incubate and build a portfolio of ventures in drug discovery, diagnostics, nutrition, agriculture,  biotechnology, hospitals and healthcare & pharmaceutical services and is an active philanthropist for more than 20 years.

Claire Sparrow
Director of Finance


Sriram Nadathur
Director of Investment

Candyce holds a MA in Material Futures and is a multidisciplinary designer, thinker and material researcher. She is passionate about the future of biotech materials and their applications. Her primary interests and focus lie within the area of mycology and fermentation.

Candyce Dryburgh
Material Development Coordinator

With an MSc in Chemistry from UCL, Aaron has a broad knowledge of material applications and life-cycles. He has since developed his diverse business experience, taking lead
roles in start up’s across the Events and Drinks Industries. Building on his background in organic chemistry, synthesising novel dyes for Solar Concentrators, he bridges between the Research and Commercial teams at Biohm.

Aaron Jones
Development Manager

Irene has almost 20 years of experience in physical chemistry

research and material characterisation with a wide-ranging career that has allowed her to work in a variety of

industries, from jet propulsion research at NASA to polymer characterisation and international patent consultancy. She currently also runs a highly social-impact-oriented skill teaching programme.

Dr. Irene Barnett
Principal Scientist

Francesco is an Industrial Designer with a degree from Brunel University with a keen interest in architecture, sustainable product development and bio-based materials and he has worked with architecture firms and design studios around the globe.

Francesco Verderosa

Lead Bio-design Engineer

Jacob is a multi-disciplinary design engineer passionate about using technology to improve peoples' lives and our impact on the planet. 
A recent graduate from the Dyson School of Design Engineering at Imperial College London who has worked as a researcher in the field of Medical Robotics. He leverages a variety of skills to tackle complex challenges. 

Jacob Mitchell
Lead Robotics Engineer

Ebony holds an MSc in Biological and Bioprocess Engineering, with experience in bio-inspired material design. She has a keen interest in expanding current human perspectives of nature, in order to promote a more integrated and harmonious collaboration with biological systems for regenerative design.

Ebony Shire
Biotechnology Engineer


Samantha holds a MSc in Biotechnology from Aalborg University in Copenhagen and has an impressive portfolio of work around sustainable materials and biochemical engineering. Her experience focuses on protein engineering for bioremediation of synthetic polymers and she is also passionate about science communication. 

Samantha Jenkins
Lead Bio-technology Engineer

Evie Faure
Engagement Lead


Leonard is a mechanical engineer with a strong interest in sustainable design. He has an MEng from the University of Bristol and diverse experience including work in urban engineering, sustainable furniture design and carpentry.

Leonard Pulsford  
Biomanufacturing Technician


Interdisciplinarity and environmental impact have always been a key theme during the educational- and professional curriculum of Toon. After graduating with the MSc degree Bio Inspired Innovation at Utrecht University, product innovation applying biomimicry and mycology research are central to his work, through which he brings scientific integrity to deliver meaningful impact.

Toon Driessen

 Lead Mycologist

Jonathan holds an MRes in Green Chemistry, Energy & The Environment
from Imperial College London, with experience of biomimetic inorganic
synthesis from his time at the University of Glasgow and Freie
Universität Berlin. He is driven to revolutionise the chemical and
construction industries by displacing worn-out and unsustainable
methods with creative and unconventional bio-based solutions.

Jonathan Woods

 Lead Biochemist

With an MSc in Food Security & Sustainable Agriculture from the University of Exeter, Ruth’s passions lie in using science and technology to address pressing global issues. Having trained as a plant pathologist, she has an extensive knowledge of fungal pathogens and behaviour, both in vitro and in the wider environment. 

Ruth D'urban-Jackson



Neema Nkontchou
Material Development Engineer