Biohm | biomanufacturing
Biohm | biomanufacturing

Biohm | biomanufacturing
Biohm | biomanufacturing


Regenerative Manufacturing

Our approach to manufacturing is regenerative. Our community led facilities re-use waste, growing responsible, 

healthy construction materials. 

Regenerative Bio-manufacturing

Our newest bio-manufacturing 

facility is imminently scheduled for completion in Watchet, Somerset.

As a bio-manufacturer, Biohm works with natural materials to grow our insulation. By generating local partnerships, we utilise waste products to manufacture our materials. Our community led, bio-manufacturing facilities are regenerative, transforming waste and industrial by-products.


Social Enterprise Partners:

Onion Collective | Biohm has raised almost £600,000 in collaboration with the Onion Collective CIC, a social enterprise based in West Somerset, through Power to Change and the Waitrose & Partners Plan Plastic Prize to, to further develop our plastic-consuming mycelium strains and build the world's first community-led bio-manufacturing facility. 

Biohm's first facility at Watchet was conceived to provide jobs, career progression and aspiration in response to the community's expressed needs, but also to address multiple contexts including difficult local economic conditions, disenfranchisement and the climate emergency.

Biohm's work with the Onion Collective and the community of Watchet allows us to ensure that our production facilities operate are are firmly aligned with at least 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals and all products naturally embed true social, environmental and economic impact.

YMCA Newcastle | We are currently working on a project with the YMCA to set up a joint bio-manufacturing facility in Newcastle, that will provide work for people through the YMCA’s programmes, reengaging those that are difficult to reach and economically disadvantaged. 

Biohm and Onion Collective at Wansbrough Paper Mill, Watchet..jpg

Members of the Onion Collective and Biohm | weeks before the build of community-led biomanufacturing facility in Watchet commenced. 


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