R&D | plastic consuming mycelium strains
R&D | plastic consuming mycelium strains

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R&D | plastic consuming mycelium strains
R&D | plastic consuming mycelium strains

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R&D | plastic consuming mycelium strains
R&D | plastic consuming mycelium strains

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Biohm offers a range of services and consultancy to the construction sector and beyond, encouraging the implementation of sustainable change in industry.

Research & Services



Biohm’s revolutionary approach to product development addresses waste in the economy. 

Biohm is a leader in the rapidly growing bio-economy and in implementing the principles of circularity and biomimicry in business models, products and services, for which we have received numerous awards and forms of recognition from highly regarded national and international bodies.

We work in symbiosis with industry, local and national government, communities and academia to lead a step-change towards a circular future that is inspired by nature and driven by human, environmental and economic needs.

Our work is aligned with at least 11 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals: No Poverty, Good Health & Well-Being, Decent Work & Economic Growth, Industry Innovation & Infrastructure, Sustainable Cities & Communities, Responsible Consumption & Production, Climate Action, Life Below Water, Life On Land, Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions and, Partnership for the Goals.

We specialise in sustainable material and product development, circular economy and biomimetic strategies, research collaboration and consultation, as well as regularly taking part in industry lectures, workshops and events.

Architectural/Spatial Design & Build

Circular | Sustainable | Cost-efficient | Beautiful

As architecture allows us to create ‘built environments’ in which we can flourish, there is no better place than the natural world for inspiration - ensuring that we create sustainable and economically viable buildings and spaces that are conducive to inhabitants' wellbeing is not enough. It is important to ensure that they are beautiful and delightful. We achieve this by ensuring that every feature in any design is designed to the optimal efficiency and has significant meaning and functional purpose. Much like in nature, beauty and delight will naturally follow.


Our award winning research is the backbone, which carries all of our products and services. 

Biohm are developing new bio-based materials, to complement our ongoing research into alternative applications for mycelium. Biohm’s Orb (Organic Refuse Biocompound), is a semi-structural material, made from organic waste. This is being developed alongside a plant-based concrete (PCB), that will also be produced from the by-products of the agri-food industry. Get in touch with us using the form below to discuss our research projects in greater detail. 

Biohm is driven by a continuous stream of interdisciplinary, novel and intellectual property rich research, through which we also offer a range of services to industry.

The World Economic Forum has identified global construction waste as a major sustainability challenge. Over 100 million tonnes of waste are produced annually, with approximately 15% of materials delivered to construction sites going straight to landfill. Worldwide, construction waste (including demolition) is expected to increase to 2.2 billion tonnes annually by 2025 and currently accounts for more than half of all solid waste generated annually worldwide. 

Biohm's research seeks to address both waste streams by aligning our growth with critical national and global strategies to reduce waste by utilising what would have otherwise gone to landfill as the basis for our material production.

Biohm’s revolutionary approach to product development addresses these challenges as one. Rather than attempt to find a solution to a singular challenge we have embraced the principles of circularity to create a product and production approach that innovates across the entire spectrum, enabling high performing, regenerative, sustainable, ethically sourced and produced products, delivered at a competitive price. 

Research Collaborators:

The Manufacturing Technology Centre

Coventry - UK

Northumbria University

Newcastle- UK

Queen Mary University

London - UK


Brunel University

London - UK

Loughborough University

Loughborough - UK



Mayor of London

London - UK

Greater London Authority

London - UK

UK Green Building Council

London - UK

Imperial College

London - UK

Utrecht University

Utrecht - Netherlands

Sustainable Ventures

London - UK



Circular Economy Club

London - UK

Advance London

London - UK


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