Biohm offers a range of services and consultancy to the construction sector and beyond, encouraging the implementation of sustainable change in industry.

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As architecture allows us to create ‘built environments’ in which we can flourish, there is no better place than the natural world for inspiration - ensuring that we create sustainable and economically viable buildings and spaces that are conducive to inhabitants' wellbeing is not enough. It is important to ensure that they are beautiful and delightful. We achieve this by ensuring that every feature in any design is designed to the optimal efficiency and has significant meaning and functional purpose. Much like in nature, beauty and delight will naturally follow.

The Manufacturing Technology Centre

Coventry - UK

Northumbria University

Newcastle- UK

Queen Mary University

London - UK


Brunel University

London - UK

Loughborough University

Loughborough - UK



Mayor of London

London - UK

Greater London Authority

London - UK

UK Green Building Council

London - UK

Imperial College

London - UK

Utrecht University

Utrecht - Netherlands

Sustainable Ventures

London - UK



Circular Economy Club

London - UK

Advance London

London - UK



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Sustainable Workspaces Office

Sustainable Workspaces

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