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Biohm is a multi-award-winning research and development led, bio-manufacturing company. We allow nature to lead innovation, to revolutionise construction and create a healthier, more sustainable, built-environment.

7. Quantifying Wellbeing | An Exploration of the Concept of Wellbeing in Our Built Environment - A S

In the early 18th Century, and for the first time in history, correlations between some professions and certain health conditions were identified and highlighted in the Italian book ‘The Diseases of Artists and Artisans’. Cumulative trauma disorders, for example, were believed to be caused by the repetitive hand motions, constrained body posture and excessive mental strain associated with specific professions. This was a significant observation as it showed considered thought into the link between work and wellbeing. A few decades later, in France, human capabilities were compared to those of a machine and, by the end of the 18th century, chemists and neurologists were investigating the working human body’s energy capabilities.

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