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Biohm is driven by the simple philosophy of allowing nature to lead innovation and only having a positive, or regenerative, impact on everything we touch. We redefine biomimicry (or biomimetics) as the holistic and systemic emulation of the multitudinous hierarchical systems in nature (the whole universe) to create intelligent solutions that are glocally situated, socially connected, and sensitive to the cybernetics and energetics of their environment.
Food Waste to Future Builds

Our Founder and Chief Evolution Officer, Dr Ehab Sayed, unfolds his vision at Google London's Cafe. Collaborating with a team of passionate and talented designers, engineers, architects, biologists, and business innovators, he shares his mission of creating a biomimetic (nature-inspired) and circular future that harmonises environmental, economic, and human needs while revolutionising the industry.

Credit: Google Talk, 2019

Rewinding the Tape of Life

At TEDxGoodenoughCollege, Biohm alumna, Oksana Bondar, advocates a paradigm shift by aligning humanity with nature and championing biodiversity in design. Join her for an engaging journey through space and time, exploring the 'tape of life' concept, and discover the keys to our next revolutionary shift.

Credit: TEDx Talk, 2022

Index Award

Gain further insight into Biohm as we illuminate our journey and the hurdles we have encountered while endeavouring to make a meaningful contribution to a more regenerative environment. This video explores how nature's intricate systems inspire innovations like our Mycelium insulation technology.

Credit: Index Award, 2022

From Mycelium to Insulation

Here at Biohm, our mission is to combat climate change, reduce carbon emissions, minimise landfill 'waste', and redefine our approach to 'waste' management through the art of biomimicry. Watch how we harness fungi and use it to transform 'waste' into regenerative solutions.

Credit: Biomimicry Institute, 2021

Join the Revolution

Learn more about Biohm and how our company's core philosophies and principles are deeply rooted in the wisdom of Mother Nature. In this video, we guide you on a transformative journey to delve into the ingenious systems of nature, fostering the development of high-performance biotechnologies that can be used for a variety of products.

Credit: Biohm Crowdfunding Campaign, 2020


Unlock the Future with Biohm's Podcast: Dive into the world of biotech, circular economy, and paradigm-shattering insights!

Join Dr Ehab Sayed, the Biohm team and visionary experts as they break barriers and shape paradigms!


Embark on an epic journey through Biohm's Blog! Immerse yourself in the essence of our core principles and unearth the hidden gems of innovation and inspiration!

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