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We convert some of the world’s fastest growing 'waste streams' – food and agricultural 'waste' – into valuable and functional high-performance products that can be formed into sheets, moulded into intricate three-dimensional shapes, extruded or 3D printed products.

Orb, or Organic Refuse Biocompound, is regenerative, renewable (remanufacturable), and biodegradable. We achieve this by sourcing ‘by-products’ from the food production or agricultural sectors and processing them into a homogeneous substrate. This can either be bound together with our unique and completely organic binder or processed using our proprietary methods (binderless – using the intrinsic properties of the ‘waste’).  We develop affordable replacements to plastic, wood-based (MDF, or OSB) products, and other mineral/fibre-based products.

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The wide range of performance properties observed in Orb, make it suitable for a broad range of applications depending on how it is formed. In sheet form, it can be developed for use as dry-lining in buildings and other construction/interior applications that conventionally rely on MDF, OSB, plasterboard, and gypsum board. When moulded, extruded or 3D printed, it can be used to replace plastic or other synthetic components in a variety of products.

Construction Materials

Consumer or Retail Products + Specialised Packaging

Interiors, Furniture + Fashion

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