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Biohm harnesses the power of mycelium - the vegetative filament root structure of mushrooms to produce high-impact and high-performance solutions by growing it through organic and synthetic substrates such as ‘by-products’ from various industries.

Biohm’s mycelium technology enables product properties that are unprecedented in academia and industries such as construction, automotive, fashion, textile, electronics, energy, agriculture, aerospace, health, and many more.

Mycelium Versatile


Mycelium Circular


Mycelium cold compostable

Cold Compostable

Mycelium natural


Mycelium Remanufacturable or Reusable


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Biohm’s mycelium tech can be utilised in the development of components that can be grown as particulate composites, fibre-reinforced composites and monolithic materials, as well as polymer-like monolithic materials. Therefore, the potential applications for this technology are limitless. Biohm specialises in high-performance, high-value, and high-volume applications within various industries to replace harmful synthetic products and achieve maximum impact.

Construction Materials

Mycelium construction systems

Consumer or Retail Products + Specialised Packaging

Interiors, Furniture + Fashion

Mycelium bag
Mycelium furniture
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