We harness the power of mycelium - the vegetative filament root structure of mushrooms - to grow our materials using organic and synthetic substrates that are the by-products or 'wastes' of other industries.

Mycelium Insulation

We have produced a mycelium insulation panel that will be the world’s first accredited mycelium insulation product. We are also developing new products and alternative applications for mycelium. 

Mycelium not only outperforms petrochemical/plastic based construction materials in thermal and acoustic insulation but, as a natural material, it is also safer and healthier. Mycelium does not contain the synthetic, resin-based compounds that can cause harmful toxic smoke and the quick spread of flames during a fire.

To grow our mycelium, we identify commercial and agricultural by-products that would otherwise go to landfill. Our entire manufacturing process only has a positive impact on the environment, meaning it is completely regenerative. Our manufacturing process is estimated to be carbon-negative, sequestering at least 16 tonnes of carbon per month.



Thermal Capacity



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