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UK company aims to insulate homes with mushrooms 

"The company says its tests show mycelium to be as durable as a standard insulation. And at the end of its useful life, it can be reused or composted, unlike traditional insulation."

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Your next house could be insulated by mushrooms

"The construction and demolition industry generates around twice as much trash as all of the other waste in cities. The materials often can’t easily be recycled. But by redesigning common materials, a U.K.-based startup called Biohm is working to help the industry shift to a circular model."

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INDEX: Award 2021 celebrates designs that "bring humanity forward"

"The concept was born out of the need to reduce the building industry's carbon footprint, which is one of the largest in the world. The insulating material can be used in both cool and warm climates to lower operational energy consumption and reduce energy consumption overall.

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'Vegan buildings': Developer of mushroom insulation wins global award

'His team has developed building insulation made of mycelium – the vegetative part of a mushroom – which he says has superior insulation qualities, is naturally self-extinguishing, feeds off waste while it grows, and purifies the air once in place.'

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Secrets of the Disruptors: Biohm's Ehab Sayed

'Ehab Sayed is the founder of Biohm, a London start-up which has developed a revolutionary construction system dubbed ‘Triagomy', which does not require permanent binders or fasteners to create robust structures'

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Global award for engineer with vegan vision

'His team has developed building insulation made of mycelium – the vegetative part of a mushroom – which is not only environmentally friendly, due to the aerative properties of mushrooms, but also fully meets fire safety standards as mycelium is naturally self-extinguishing'

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Training fungi to turn waste into green building materials

"A record 100 billion tons of materials are being extracted from the earth each year. About 40% of these materials go into construction and 21% go into food production. And these two industries create millions and millions of tons of waste."

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The fungus and bacteria tackling plastic waste

"It's no secret that single-use plastic waste is a vast problem: by 2015, according to Greenpeace, the world had churned out 6.3 billion tonnes of virgin plastic, of which only 9% has been recycled. The rest was burned in incinerators or dumped."

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Mycelium is "part of the solution" to carbon-negative buildings

"Mycelium-derived materials have several key advantages over traditional synthetic materials including their low cost, density and energy consumption in addition to their biodegradability and low environmental impact and carbon footprint."

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Waitrose & Partners Plan Plastic: The Million Pound Challenge

"From a pool of 150 applications, and supported by an independent grant panel, we were delighted to find 5 exciting, varied projects. The project vary from research, developing new technologies to community engagement, public education and awarness, and simple infrastructure, creating instant impact."

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Five plastic pollution projects that won a cash injection from Waitrose

"Bio-manufacturing research and development company Biohm has been investigating this potential to turn plastic waste into sustainable construction materials, fuel, packaging and more."

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Waitrose-funded projects to tackle plastic pollution making a 'real difference'

"Plastic eating fungi and technology to prevent fishing nets being lost at sea among projects that Waitrose says are making a 'real difference in the fight against plastic pollution'."

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We have a huge problem with the waste streams: Biohm Founder & Director of Innovation

“The building and construction sector are responsible for nearly 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions (…). One company is looking to dramatically reduce that number by using food waste to create building materials.”

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Glyndebourne circular-economy pavilion to be built from champagne corks and oyster shells

"The pavilion aims to showcase the circular economy and the importance of using local and 'waste' materials in building projects by gathering these from the Glyndebourne estate or the nearby Sussex Weald to use in its construction."

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Three surprising things you can make with mushrooms

“Carbon is actually a vital part of the natural cycle and the reason it has become a problem is because our industrial activities had disturbed the equilibrium in the ecosystem. Biohm believes that there is a solution and it is biomimetics.”

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BBC News

NOV 20, 2O2O

Fungi insulation panels to be grown at Watchet’s ex-mill

“According to Biohm, the roots of mushrooms or mycelium not only ‘outperforms petrochemical/plastic based’ materials in thermal and acoustic insulation but is also ‘safer and healthier’.”

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Plastic-hungry fungus rebuilds a community

“Mycelia act like the world’s janitor, cleaning up nature through the decomposition and cycling of nutrients. And under the right conditions, mycelia can be solid enough to be used as construction material”.

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Planted Unplugged – Carbon Capture

“Carbon is actually a vital part of the natural cycle and the reason it has become a problem is because our industrial activities had disturbed the equilibrium in the ecosystem. Biohm believes that there is a solution and it is biomimetics.”


The best SMEs innovating their way through Covid-19

“Biohm’s mycology lab (..) had to respond immediately to the Covid-19 pandemic with emergency measures to protect their live mycelium – the core product in creating sustainable materials for building construction.”


Episode 6 – Janitors of the Natural World

Sally is joined by Ehab Sayed and Samantha Jenkins this week to talk about the story and science behind why mycelium chooses to eat plastic, and the wide, exciting range of effects this could have in the world. 

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Profile – Ehab Sayed / Talks mushroom-based building materials, socially-motivated profit-share agreements and food waste

"Biohm has set up a biomanufacturing facility that works with social enterprises to help boost skills and create long-term jobs, cut waste, promote entrepreneurship, fund regional initiatives and strengthen communities."

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Shaun Tate

JUL 27, 2O2O

Biohm launches £1.25M Funding drive

“The circular economy aims to tackle the scourge of consumer waste by speeding up fungi’s ability to consume plastic, with the potential to transform the industry."

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Lab-grown building products firm raising funds for growth

“Our collaborations with social enterprises and local authorities put social impact at the heart of our business model through community profit share, so we can address start-up scaling challenges very effectively.”

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Waste 360

JUL 17, 2O2O

Biohm to use waste raw materials for bio-manufactured products

"The company will use commercial and local-authority waste as raw materials for products with a goal of reducing emissions."


Fungi firm heading to Watchet in fund drive

"Biohm Limited is looking to develop mycelium insulation panels made from mushroom roots, followed by semi-structural construction panels produced from food waste such as orange peels."

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Manufacturers to produce building materials from food waste

“They combine bulk waste such as orange peels that they collect locally from their special plant-based binders, yielding a strong and fully organic material."

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Innovative construction firm to set up manufacturing plant on Tyneside

"A company that makes construction materials from plants is set to create jobs with a manufacturing facility in the North East.”

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Eco-friendly construction materials firm launches £1.25 funding round to create new jobs

“Biohm will use money raised through Seedrs to hire more scientists, engineers and designers and boost the research and development of its range of futuristic products.”

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Biohm seeks to turn plastic waste into insulation material with mushrooms

"The company discovered that certain fungal species can consume plastic as a food source. This invention could bring about new construction materials that originate from plastic waste."

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The plant-based building

"‘Mycelium is a vegetative part of mushrooms – it’s the stuff that holds the topsoil together in the forest,’ explains Oksana Bondar, director of design at biotech R&D lab Biohm. The company has found a way to create sheeting and insulating panels from it." 

How Stuff Works, Biohm

Can Mushrooms Actually Help Save the Planet?

'Scientists in the company's London lab work to develop new strains of fungi by exposing batches to stimuli like differing light or humidity levels. In this process, known as directed evolution, the fungi rapidly evolve, for instance creating new enzymes'


Mushrooms and orange peel: could biotech clean up the building industry?

'A biotech startup is researching building materials that could revolutionise construction. Not only are they biodegradable – some also absorb toxins'

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Why People Think Mushrooms Could Save The World

'Raw materials are usually a manufacturer’s main expense, but Biohm grows its mushrooms using other companies’ byproducts, such as timber shavings and grass clippings, which it is paid to collect, creating a “double revenue stream.”'

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How to create a truly sustainable workplace

'Currently pushing the boat out in this sector is British startup Biohm. Not only is the company working towards fabricating construction materials from waste products, such as paper and even dried orange peel, but it’s also working towards an off-site modular construction approach.'

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Natashah Hitti,

JAN 7, 2019

Nir Meiri makes sustainable lamps from mushroom mycelium

'Produced in collaboration with London-based startup Biohm, which works to bring sustainable solutions to the built environment, each of the lamps are made using naturally occurring biological processes.'

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Mushroom insulation wins global award

'His team has developed building insulation made of mycelium – the vegetative part of a mushroom – which he says has superior insulation qualities, is naturally self-extinguishing, feeds off waste while it grows, and purifies the air once in place.'

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Build With Rise

Tobias Roberts,

FEB 24, 2020

Benefits of Bio-Based Building Materials

They comment that, over billions of years, biology has proven to be significantly more efficient than technology. That evolution is continually refining and optimizing solutions to overcome life's continuous challenges.


The Rise Of Biodesign - Growing Our Way To A More Sustainable Future

'Open Cell is a West London-based co-working lab space for biotech prototyping that supports graduates and small businesses who combine scientific and creative disciplines to redesign the materials of our future.' 

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Biohm's "Vegan Insulation" System offers a future for Green Construction

'Biohm has developed the material from a vegetative part of mushrooms called mycelium, with attractions such as efficient insulation performance, natural self-extinguishing, air purification, and waste consumption. '

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A sustainable reimagining of the global construction industry

'One such ingenious method currently being developed by research and development company Biohm is to use mycelia, which is sourced from fungi, to create sheets and blocks for insulation.'

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Ehab Sayed of Biohm on sustainable materials, growing mushrooms that eat plastic and changing the industry

'He wants to make it more sustainable. To shake up the entire system and remove inefficient processes and damaging materials wherever possible. Basically, to save the planet for generations to come. How?'


Buildings made from fungi? Meet London's pop-up bio-lab innovators

'Biohm has transformed its shipping containers into a fully functioning “materials research lab”. It’s part kitchen – full of blenders, pots, pans and batches of what looks like muesli – part DIY microbiology lab, with fungi samples growing in an eerie, steaming, zip-up cupboard.'