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Nothing is ever-lasting.
Everything is ever-changing.
We do not design.
We refine what nature has given us.
Biohm exists to systemically and holistically address the CORE DRIVERS of humanity’s maladaptation to the earth system.
Aware of the significance of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we strive to align our core drivers and business practices with them to the furthest extent.
We realign cultural and natural systems through biomimetic biotechnologies that are scaled through holistic licensing of our core technologies in partnership with key national and multinational corporations to support their transition towards REGENERATIVE IMPACT*, whilst contributing to their ESG and growth goals.

*Regenerative Impact are actions that go beyond sustainability and actively restore and revitalise ecosystems and communities for positive and lasting change (it is arguably impossible to achieve a truly regenerative impact on ESG).

Biohm’s metabolism is powered by an ever-growing TEAM of diverse and talented scientists, designers, engineers, and business innovators collaborating with a plethora of living organisms.
Ehab lo_edited.jpg

Dr Ehab Sayed

Founder | Chief Evolution Officer

Oksana lo_edited.jpg

Oksana Bondar

Director of Innovation

Harry resized_edited.jpg

Harry Darkly

Director of Operations

Claire lo_edited.jpg

Claire Sparrow

Director of Finance

Evie lo_edited.jpg

Evie Faure

Business Development Lead

Linus 8x16.png

Linus Chu

Impact Lead

Samuel lo (1)_edited.jpg

Samuel Amanor

Marketing Assistant

Chenchen resized_edited.jpg

Dr Chenchen Zhu

Senior Chemist

Vittorio resized_edited_edited.jpg

Dr Vittorio Bartoli

Senior Biologist


Dr Roberto Chiocchio

Senior Engineer

Ruth lo_edited.jpg

Ruth D'Urban-Jackson

Lead Mycologist

Callum resized_edited_edited.jpg

Dr Callum Fraser

Molecular Mycologist

Yang resized v2.png

Yansheng Zhou

Materials Chemist

Agron resized.png

Dr Agron Hoxha

Biomaterials Chemist

Tom 8x16_edited.jpg

Thomas Day

Material Development Engineer

Alex resized.png

Alex Burch

Automation Engineer

Oliver resized_edited.jpg

Oliver Bright

Production Engineer

Leonard lo_edited.jpg

Leonard Pulsford


Kassie resized_edited_edited.jpg

Kassie Hirani

Operations Manager

Amen 8x16_edited.jpg

Amendeep Chattha

Culture + Wellbeing Manager

Junaid resized_edited.jpg

Junaid Shariff

Production Supervisor

Mia lo (1)_edited.jpg

Mia Tiernan

Senior Production Operative

Milca tone fixed strg.png

Milca Kanku

Laboratory Assistant

Filipo resized_edited.jpg

Filippo Caprioli

Production Assistant

 We are building a team of trailblazers. We believe in setting the pace and leading the way in our industry.

We are committed to fostering an environment where you can thrive, learn, and contribute to our collective success.
Sriram lo (1)_edited.jpg

Sriram Nadathur

David lo (1)_edited.jpg

Dr David Greenfield

John lo (2)_edited.jpg

John White

Annelise Lykke Schmidt | Advisory Board | BIOHM

Annelise Lykke Schmidt

Thomas Heldgaard | Advisory Board | BIOHM

Thomas Heldgaard

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