Contemporary approaches to waste management, manufacturing and building, need to undergo a step-change in order to venture beyond, reducing our impact on the planet. 

Our Philosophy

Nothing is ever-lasting. Everything is ever-changing. We do not design. We refine what nature has given us.

At Biohm we have a vision to create a healthier and more sustainable built environment by drawing on nature for inspiration and innovation. We believe that at a time of climate crisis, radical change needs to take place which requires systemic innovation on a large scale to address the multifaceted issues that are interwoven within our economies and have led us to where we are now.


Contemporary approaches to waste management, manufacturing and building need to undergo a step-change in order to venture beyond, reducing our impact on the planet and our health and towards having a positive regenerative impact.


Our goal is not only to build a successful company, but moreover, to improve the quality of people’s lives through enabling the use of healthy, environmentally friendly, circular materials and building solutions for applications across the design and construction industries, eliminating the concept of waste and demonstrating how business can equitably and ethically work in collaboration with the natural world, industry, academia, government and community. 

Our story

Worldwide, cities are growing at an incomprehensible rate to cope with rapid population growth. It is becoming ever more apparent that the construction industry’s conventional approaches to building are not suitable for such growth.


A transformation in thought, approach and value is necessary to ensure the industry’s sustainability and improve its long-term resilienceHowever, this transition needs to be significantly accelerated in order to take sufficient action against the climate crisis and meet local and global sustainability targets.

Biohm was founded by Ehab Sayed, a designer, engineer, researcher and entrepreneur to shed light on the ingenuity, beauty and efficiency that lie in nature and to promote mutual integration between the built and natural environment.


We aim to revolutionise our built environment and the way we do business through the development of bio-based materials, circular construction systems and innovative business models. Watch our Talk at Google below to find out more.

Our Principles


Nature-inspired design

Circular Economy

Lifecycle resource-efficiency, increased resource value and end-of-life considerations

Human-centred Design

Interdisciplinary human need considerations

Off-site Manufacturing

Sustainable off-site prefabrication

and on-site assembly

Energy & Carbon

Progressive renewable energy considerations, carbon sequestration, efficiency and self-sufficiency


Integration of the latest

appropriate technology



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