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Biohm's transdisciplinary team develop ground-breaking biotechnologies that are revolutionising industries!
Transition away from fossil-fuel based materials and decarbonise your supply chain.
Move beyond sustainability and towards regeneration to boost your carbon performance.
Hyper-localise and build advanced levels of resilience into your supply chains.
Build regenerative social and environmental impact into your production.
Replace the plastics in your products or eliminate harmful chemicals.

 Integrate our biotech to do just that! 

Share your target product or application 

We adapt our biotech to your needs

Together, we replicate and scale the solution


Mycelium is the root structure of fungi. We work with this wondrous organism to grow high-performance products, whilst feeding them organic and synthetic ‘waste’.


Orb (organic refuse biocompound) is a radical biotechnology that enables us to transform a plethora of problematic, industrial ‘waste streams' into regenerative carbon-sequestering materials that can be used in various applications. 


Triagomy is an intricate and versatile building system inspired by molecular bonds of carbon in nature. The system is capable of creating robust structures of near-limitless shapes and sizes and paves the way to agile cities of the future.


Bioremediation is one of our latest biotechnology with unique capabilities of allowing the mycelium to break down plastics into sugars, benign hydrocarbons, and carbon dioxide. 

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