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At Biohm we aim to inspire transformation in the construction industry with radical approaches to building. For a regenerative transition towards a circular future, all construction systems should be designed for deconstruction, which can be achieved by placing biomimicry at the heart of all design decisions.

Inspired by the mathematical geometry of carbon’s molecular bonds and combining Biohm’s Mycelium and Orb tech, Triagomy is a prefabricated construction system that does not require permanent binders or fasteners to create robust high-quality structures.

Triagomy allows buildings to be deconstructed and reconstructed at any stage of their life – eliminating demolition and making extensions, downsizing, relocation, recycling and reuse a much easier process. Life cycle assessments comparing Triagomy with brick and block construction methods show reductions of up to 120% in a building’s environmental impact, up to 70% in costs and around 95% in build times.



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Design Flexibility.png

Design Flexibility

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Build Effeciency

Figure 4. Triagomy by Biohm (2)sd.png

Although Triagomy was developed as a construction system for buildings, the system’s underlying mathematical geometry allow its use in a wide range of applications. It can, therefore, be applicable to 2D designs (such as in tiling), educational building toys for children and adults, as well as a building systems for furniture and temporary structures of all sizes.

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Construction System for Buildings

Furniture + Temporary Structures Building System

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Building Toys for Children + Adults

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