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nature-inspired design

the most sustainable, resilient and adaptive examples of design can be found in nature’s organisms and systems. as architecture allows us to create ‘built environments’ in which we can flourish, there is no better place than the natural world for inspiration. biomimicry, or biomimetics, is not the simple imitation of natural form, but is the abstraction of formations, structures, functions and processes in nature to synthesise man-made products and systems that solve a problem. biology has been proven to be significantly more efficient than technology and for over three billion years, evolution has refined and optimised solutions to overcome life’s relentless challenges. it would be a lethal oversight to believe that we can compete with such colossal feats of engineering and design. however we can learn, cooperate and collaborate with nature to help solve our global problems.

our principles...


our team...

Dr David Greenfield

director of circular economy

Oksana Bondar

director of design

Dr Irene Barnett

principal scientist

Ehab Sayed

founder | director of innovation

John White

director of strategy

Harry Darkly

director of operations

Candyce Dryburgh

material development coordinator

Alex Goldie

business development lead

Aaron Jones

special projects lead

our advisers include...

our supporters and collaborators...

Katie Livesey

Associate Director at

Anthesis Group

London - UK

Prof Jack Goulding

Fellow of the Chartered

Institute of Building and

Professor of Built Environment

at Northumbria University

Newcastle - UK

Les Morrison

RIBA Chartered Senior Architect


Passive House AP

London - UK

Terence Beckett

Sustainability & Built Environment Innovation Professional

BREEAM Assessor/Trainer

London - UK


Jerry Yudelson 

Most Published Green

Building Author, LEED

Fellow, Professional

Engineer, Sustainability

Consultant and President of Yudelson Associates

California - USA 

Prof Derek Clements-Croome

Professor Emeritus in Architectural Engineering at University of Reading and Visiting Professor at Queen

Mary University London
London - UK 

David L. Pogue

Global Director of Corporate Responsibility at CBRE


California - USA 

Robert S. Best

Executive Vice President

of JLL

Illinois - USA 

The Manufacturing Technology Centre

Coventry - UK

Northumbria University

Newcastle- UK

Queen Mary University

London - UK


Brunel University

London - UK

Loughborough University

Loughborough - UK

Samantha Jenkins

lead biotechnology engineer

Ashley Granter

biomanufacturing lead

Francesco Verderosa

lead design engineer

Utrecht University

Utrecht - Netherlands

Sustainable Ventures

London - UK



Circular Economy Club

London - UK

Advance London

London - UK



Mayor of London

London - UK

Greater London Authority

London - UK

UK Green Building Council

London - UK

Imperial College

London - UK

Sustainable Environmental Network

London - UK

Brunel Innovation Hub

London - UK


London - UK

NQuiring Minds

Southampton - UK

Human-Centred Design Institute

London - UK




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