Isn’t it incredible how nature can obscure complex geometries with seemingly organic and simple forms?


Obscure, a collection of lampshades that manifest nature’s genius and demonstrate an intelligent, material-driven approach to design. The collection represents the close-knit collaboration between ‘maker’ and ‘matter’. The matter, Orb or organic refuse biocompound, influences the maker whilst the maker prescribes the matter with geometry. As the matter conforms to the maker’s prescription, the maker’s geometry inspires the matter to bend and flow as it pleases.

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100% natural 

toxin free



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zero waste


get in touch to give your space an obscure twist!

Obscure lampshades are available in 3 sizes

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medium icon.png


large icon.png


and 2 variations

rich brown icon.png

rich-roast brown
coffee chaff from local coffee roasters

orange ochre icon.png

ochre orange
orange peels from local juice manufacturers

each lampshade consumes & captures

waste weight .png

up to 3kg of orange peel

or coffee chaff

carbon icon.png

up to 1.5 kg of carbon


This beautiful conversation filled with compromise and respect creates this unique collection of lampshades that also sheds light on the circular economy, where resources are infinitely recirculated and value systems are challenged.


Let the Obscure collection bring nature into your living room, dine under their glorious forms or let them envelope your space to create an unforgettable experience.


Nature does not only influence the ‘obscure’ form, but it also inspires the way Orb, as a material, is biomanufactured. Orb is a 100% natural, biodegradable and regenerative material that consumes excess resources and by-products from the food and agriculture sectors and captures carbon.

obscure collection.jpg

Obscured under the simple forms of the collection are truly biomimetic (nature-inspired) design and biomanufacturing processes. The lampshades begin their life as the peels of oranges after they have been juiced or the chaff of coffee beans after they had been roasted. They are then mixed with Biohm’s unique organic binder to create Orb, which can be pressed, moulded, extruded or 3D-printed.


Biohm’s design team have been developing and refining Orb for years. Building such a deep level of understanding of the material or matter that they are working with, informed the obscure design. As the makers, they have set the mathematical parameters and have created the geometric boundaries or skeleton and the rest was up to the matter. Subjected to the natural forces of gravity and confined by the maker’s geometry, the matter drapes and folds organically to obscure the intelligent skeleton that supports it in much the same way that layers of matter fall to their death on the forest floor.


Death is designed into the Obscure collection. At end-of-life, the lampshades can be fed back into the production process of Orb to make new products or they can be cold-composted. This means that these products sequester and lock carbon within them until they have lived a useful life and then they let die gracefully, passing their carbon onto the next product or, if composted, gradually gifting it to the biosphere and atmosphere over time.


Obscure is a collection of lampshades that draws on biology’s capacity for novelty, directedness and disobedience. Despite conforming to the maker’s geometry, every single lampshade is hand-made and is completely unique! They each have their own quirks, feel and character and they are all organically diverse with beautiful subtle variations.


 orange peel 

Obscure lampshades are lovingly hand-produced on demand at BIOHM HQ in South Bermondsey in London, UK. Our supply chains are short and our production process is completely closed-loop, which means that there are no waste streams or by-products created as a result of this hyper-localised approach to production. BIOHM’s team have worked hard to ensure that they adhere to their militantly regenerative approach to production that takes into account the entire life-cycle of the product and its full impact.


This product will be produced using a ‘Just-In-Time’ or ‘On-Demand’ approach to production to make sure that every Obscure lampshade is produced with a clearly defined purpose to serve. Pre-ordering products allows us to avoid overproduction and encourage responsible and pre-planned shopping practices.


If it turns out you’re all as madly in-love with the mystery of the Obscure collection as we are, we may scale up our production capacity or expand the range. We might even launch another range!