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We realign cultural and natural systems through biomimetic biotechnologies that are scaled through holistic licensing of our core technologies in partnership with key national and multinational corporations to support their transition towards REGENERATIVE IMPACT*, whilst contributing to their ESG and growth goals.

*Regenerative Impact are actions that go beyond sustainability and actively restore and revitalise ecosystems and communities for positive and lasting change (it is arguably impossible to achieve a truly regenerative impact on ESG).


Through licensing and scaling Biohm’s biotechnologies, key national and multinational corporations are able to continue leading their target markets whilst transforming their environmental impact to one that is regenerative – sequestering rather than emitting GHGs and transitioning away from fossil-fuel derived products.


Biohm provides our partners with the opportunity to create positive social impact through extending their social responsibility and building hyper-localised global supply chains that are directly and actively regenerating local communities and economies.


The use of Biohm’s biotechnologies, enables our licensees to meet their ESG goals without compromising on growth and profit. This is due to Biohm’s innovations being scalable in a highly economic manner, resulting in increased profit margins when compared to established technologies.


As our licensees tap into Biohm’s radical biomimetic approach to innovation, they become trailblazers within their industries and secure a competitive leadership position that supports their growth and future success. The uniqueness of Biohm’s solutions are its accelerated rate of development, which enables them to maintain their leadership position.


With the global economic climate evolving and becoming more unpredictable than before,

alongside stricter environmental regulations, large corporations are increasingly aiming to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, globalised supply chains and harmful materials. Biohm presents them with viable and scalable solutions that can significantly improve their long-term resilience.

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